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This site is established for people trying to buy prescription medicines from online pharmacies. This page is a simple guide to quickly and easily find drugs from reliable dealers who do not require any prescriptions.

Definitive Guide to Online Pharmacies

     Welcome to the site! If you want to locate online pharmacies the best way is to search around the net with Google and visit member forums. Also, if you search for drug keywords and visit the google ads, you'll be taken to some decent pharmacies that should be ok to buy drugs from. Pharmacies advertising on the sidebar in Google have all been certified by the United States and possess valid pharmacy licenses. Any ad running on google with drug-related or pharmacy-related keywords have been screened by the PharmacyChecker Verification Program. So these pharmacies should work alright, but they're expensive and you WILL NEED a doctor's prescription before you can order. And that's no fun! That's why I choose to buy from overseas pharmacies, without a prescription, and for a lot less money. There are tons of shady pharmacies out there, many of them scams, so you have to be careful. Locating a reliable source overseas is honestly a pain in the ass...

Finding the right pharmacy can take a lot of time, trial and error. A lot of sites claim they're from Canada, but if you dig up some information you'll find they're just a bunch of lying assholes from some totally foreign country who just want your money. Needless to say I've been ripped off a few times in my day. One time, I did get lucky though and ordered from this place toppillsfine.com, a Canadian pharmacy which I later learned was based in Japan. They had no tech support and no order tracking. I was scared. But the assholes actually pulled through and I got my order! I guess sometimes, you just never know. If you are interested in a Canadian pharmacy, send them an email in English and see how well they respond. If they sound funny, there's a good chance you're dealing with a joker.

Eight things you need to know about online pharmacies:
  1. Shipping will take a MINIMUM of two weeks, sometimes up to a month
  2. Packages arrive in very funny ways sometimes, for example inside of a russian PC game case!
  3. You may need to sign for the package
  4. Customs might seize it. However, you will NOT get in trouble and if it's a good pharmacy they'll re-ship it for free
  5. Payments usually must be done via Western Union or MoneyGram. They usually don't dick around with credit card companies.
  6. Tip: Paying in person at your local Western Union dealer is a lot cheaper than doing it online or over the phone
  7. The drugs come tightly sealed in blister foils, bound tightly beneath black tape. They don't come in a pill bottle! (Duh)
  8. In the US, it IS legal to buy up to a 3-month supply of meds IF you have a prescription.

Purchase the Pharmacy List for only $8.95! You will get links to 5 online places that I personally tested with like 95% success. Sometimes Customs will seize the package and you'll get a special notice in the mail. They seized your package and it can't be delivered. Most of the time you can fax the notice or just email the pharmacy and they'll re-ship it for free. Afterwards, just throw the notice away, there's no point in filling it out. To date, this has only happened to me once. The pharmacies I use (from my list) are very discrete, and I guarantee you will be happy with them!

Upon purchasing my list you will get immediate access to hundreds of prescription drugs from 5 reliable sources. All these pharmacies have been tested against scams, fraud and weak medication. All pharmacies are based overseas which means they do not require a prescription to place an order. It is against the law to buy prescription drugs without a prescription, so buyers beware and place orders at your discretion.


- Blake Murphy

Special delivery!

"I just want to say thank u so much Blake!!! I got my first package today and its all there! Your list is great and your site is a GOD SEND!"
- Richard from NY

"Yo Blake thanks for the list, and for your other emails :) - Got my package today, just thought you should know."
- Patrick from NH

"THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I been looking for a good web pharmacy for a long time and now i found it. Please stay healthy Blake, peace and love!"
- Sarah from Washington, DC.

"W00t got my pills today. I'm living, pill poppin' proof that this list is legit. Tahnk u for the site its worth the nine bucks or whatever i paid..."
- NitroginAndTonic from ???

"The sites work. Thanks"
- James from PA

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Blake's Blog

6/01/2009 1:10pm
I'll be damned! Package had been sitting in my PO Box since early Saturday morning. Just picked it up this morning on my way to work. At my webmaster job right now... keepin' busy. Anyways, they came in foil blisters expiring in September 2010. x30 200mg generic modafinil pills. I took one at around 9:20 this morning and so far I'm a little disappointed. I feel more "awake" than usual, but I suppose my expectations were higher than the pill is making me.

We'll see how the day progresses. I do I feel more focused than usual. Now if I could only direct that attention towards my actual job, webmaster of someone else's company. Instead I sit here, drinking Coke trying not to poop in my pants. I really have to focus on going to the bathroom before something tragic happens to the office chair.

Here's the photo I took of the envelope this morning. Inside were the blister foils wrapped in a sheet of fax paper bound with 2 green rubber bands. I'll post that picture later maybe, for now here's just the package:

Package came earlier than expected.

Here's to sleep deprivation,

5/29/09 12:44am
I just placed an order last week for Modalert (modafinil)... It sounds pretty interesting. It's in the class of "smart drugs", and this one has been around forever. Kind of like the airforce "go" pills, just not quite as strong. Apparently it's like adderall but without the sleeplessness, cocaine-like side effects and comedown. It just lets you concentrate more and you feel better about the world despite how shitty it is most of the time.

I'm moving to a new apartment soon, barely scraping by on the money I make at my two jobs. I'm a webmaster for a computer store and also working at pet store unloading palettes and stocking shelves. They don't let me near customers anymore. Not after the dog crap incident in the toys aisle. I hate working there. This site helps me pay the bills I guess. I really appreciate those of you that bought my list. It's worth it, if you haven't bought it yet.

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